Pool Equipment

Metrowest Pool Services repairs and replaces most pool equipment. We service all brands.  We have many replacement options for every need and budget.

Pool Equipment Repairs and Service:

  • Pool Pump:  Your pool pump is responsible for maintaining proper water circulation.  A malfunctioning pump can distribute chemicals unevenly and because of this, the water will seem cloudy.   Poor circulation can also lead to stains on the bottom of your pool.  We will check all parts of your pool pump and then determine where the problem is.
  • Pool Filter:  As water passes through the filter, dirt and debris are trapped inside the filter which creates clean and filtered water.  If your filter is not working properly, the dirt and debris will flow through to your pool.  Metrowest Pool Services does quality repairs on all types of filters.  Sand, diatomaceous earth (DE) and cartridge.
  • Pool Heater:  Is your pool water not heating up enough?  Let one of our skilled technicians test the heater and find the solution to the problem.

Consequently, if any of your pool equipment is beyond repair, we will offer several different solutions for replacement equipment.  We offer many brands of equipment to fit your needs and budget including Hayward, Jandy and Pentair.


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